Friday, 23 December 2011

Woman or Woe-Man

Recently we had a get-together and my friend S had this interesting question. It may be worth mentioning that S is a 'She'.

"Every woman would want to be born a man but the opposite is not true"

The reasons according to her being, for the pain a woman undergoes (mainly physical), for the things she would have to forego in her life, for fulfilling numerous expectations, for playing multiple roles throughout her life. Should I mention my wife supports her??. Fair enough. Undeniable! however only for the women part.

I don’t see a reason why a man would not want to be born a woman in his next birth (never mind about the birth theories). Perhaps it is only that the societal pressure (which is nothing but our foreFathers’ and foreMothers’) or practise or belief or whatever has created us to think, "To be Man is a prestige, a privilege" that he cannot complain the form of his existence. Tell you what? Whatever privileges that you think man enjoys, he has lost the power to speak, express, complain and crib. Now it is dependent up on your perception to determine if these traits are "Virtue or Woe". Classic would be, when a boy cries, he is immediately given a bashing, why are you crying like a girl? From that day he loses the power to cry, power to express his desire to shed tears.

I definitely salute woman for the physical pain that she endures. There is nothing that man can bear or do to match it, however, for the rest there is an equal if not greater problems for a man too. As I said before, it still looks green here cos, we are not known. We have lost the power (or never had it) to say things out. We still are under the hood when it comes to discussing our problems even our parents, siblings, partner, wife, kids, friends. Perhaps it is the last resort.

Just a simple toss of the coin, does the Father enjoy the same affection and attachment as a mother? The way I have seen, it takes years for the baby to realize that he is not alien. The father has to prove his baby that he is part of the family and he adores, plays, cares. But for the mother it is there for the taking, written on the wall. Haven't you realized that every father would cry (unfortunately internally) that his baby is afraid of him? Isn’t it worth the pain?

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Why Men Don't Ask for Directions?

Women would say: Twenty five million sperm is needed to fertilize an egg, cos only one would stop to ask for directions

Clearly I feel men have lost directions. They are caught in between a rock and a wall(hard place). Now don't ask me which of these is the women. If you are thinking that either the rock or the wall is the women then you are still dwindling in your innocence. Think different, think about the root cause, think a woman, the real women is the one who pushed you in to this situation or the one who pushed the rock when you were perhaps.. doing something against the wall. Women on the other hand had quadrupled their expectations (while the 50% of the blame is on men and the other 50% on women). Most importantly the expectations with in womanhood have grown to such an extent that expecting not to expect and expect to be expected are causing the real trouble.

As I said, part of the blame is on men because there was a time when they lashed women out for no reasons, those stupid men had clearly put the later generations in a big soup. Women on the other hand passed on their lessons to their next generations and they are nothing less than a big confusion. Now men do not know if he should think upfront for the women (because if you do so you will be ridiculed as one who does not let women experience things on her own) or leave it to the women to do it herself (because that would mean men don't care about the well being of women and blah and blah). Women who have become rebellious (for no reasons) are confused if they should take it on their own (and blame themselves) or leave it to the other (and ridicule). Now that men had come to respect women hood and praise them (atleast 50% of them), women are still on the other side thinking that men are still playing their NATAK to win women (all 100%).

Also what baffles me the most is, imagine, in a country like India, women have deterred in all possible areas and they sure have their tails up. But at the same time allow stupid political parties to gain advantage because they ensured women got 1/3rd majority, women president, reservation for women, saree for women, thaali for women. Now if you are succeeding on your own, why allow others to take pride out of it? why allow others to create a reason for your success? To me if these are left 'to the normal course time' it would have happened by itself. Now by enjoying these reservations and at the same time being rebellious you are degrading yourselves.

Yeah men do not ask directions, women do, but of no use cos, you knew your way and believe in it.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Road Not Taken

Being an Indian, how can I miss out on Cricket and especially after a pulvirising tour to England. But hold on, I am not here to talk about why India failed and what could have been done to avoid it, nor about how can they play CLT, should they play IPL... these are already enough grounded and worth no penny talking about!!

What really amazes me is, despite a shameful performance in the Indian tour to England 2011, the Indian team is back home with out much of a fuss. no threats nothing. Wow, does this send a message to the Cricketing world that Indian fanatics have become gentle and matured enough to accept defeats? If you track back, there had been incidents where Mohammed Kaif's house had been attacked, because he did not perform in the tour to South Africa 2007, and other incidents of decorating the 'more than life size cut-outs' of the Indian cricket team with garland of shoes etc., Come on, we take pride in halting a world cup (loser) match at Eden Gardens (1996 world cup against Srilanka and the famous Kambli crying incident), riots in the India Vs Pak Test match 1999 again at Eden Gardens (after which the rest of the match was played with out any spectator in the stands) and many more such incidents. Baah, who ever called it Eden 'Gardens'.

That reminds me of a joke that was cracked after a debacle tour of India (I was too young to remember which one) the joke goes like this, Ravi Shastri was pecked by his wife to get to the market to buy some groceries. Shastri, who feared the reactions of the angry Indian fanatics, decided to disguise his identity by wearing a saree. He then gets on to the road and is on his way to the market. When he is at the market, there is this lady who keeps following Shastri. Shastri  afraid of being caught starts to walk faster, leap, sprint.. but the lady followed all his steps.. finally she narrows down on Shastri and catches him red handed. "Tell me now, aren't you Ravi Shastri", Shastri accepts his identity but pleads not to reveal this. The lady replied "I would have, had I not been Dilip Vengsarkar".

Coming back to the real, now that the Indian players are back and there aren't any visible (or audible) tantrums thrown at them. Fair enough. I take it that people have gone beyond being crazy. But much of the talks are about how the future unfolds. While it is the same old process of identifying a talen, nurture the same, Bring him under the lime light, earn money (the board) through him and the process goes on and on and on, aren't we missing something more to it?

I have a simple question to BCCI, why isn't India producing any world class Umpires? Almost all the test playing nations have one (or more) umpires in the current Elite umpires pannel. Why are all veterans choosing commenting over other jobs of the game? Imagine a match where Saurav Ganguly would be one of the field umpires? [can't stop thinking that, when 3rd umpire upholds decision he wouldn't dare to take off his shirt and chant F**k that F**K that]. Imagine Dravid umpiring with his unintimidating looks and smile. I haven't seen any domestic/international (Indian) player aiming to be the umpire after losing hope of playing for the country. Isn't umpiring after a tenure of say 10 years in the game is a job half done? Is it the pay? is opening an Academy easier than umpiring? Now dont talk about Venkataraghavan, how long can you ride on a old horse? I know Srinath did Match referee job, but why not umpiring?

Would this change our fortune? Of course! Imagine BCCI comes up with a rule that, all players after their retirement should umpire domestic matches for a minimum of 2 years. On field umpires have got the best view of any player's technique. They can make recommendations about the players to watch for, to the respective zonal selection panel. wouldn't there be logic in identifying the talent pool. Aren't umpires ambassadors of the game as well? Who can forget Dickie Bird, David sheperd, Steve Bucknor, Venkataraghavan? Given the economy I am pretty sure that no one would consider umpiring as their sole profession (starting from the scratch). We are too caught up with the fame, franchise, positions, etc., and in the process forget to build a concrete base and derive pride.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Osama's killing- a Pride or Prejudice??

In the wake of 9/11(2011), US of A had released the documentary video of their pursuits and the success story in the killing of Osama bin Laden. While many of my friends felt that US had been really intelligent in their operations, been ridiculously determined, risking SEAL lives for killing the terror king, to me US of A had been thoroughly unprofessional, unethical and is just an emerging dictator but for its economic crisis.

In case you have not watched the video yet, US had been spying its suspicious country's airspace using a custom made air plane vehicle (unmanned) and this vehicle was responsible for sending footage and images it would hover around. What is so special about this instrument? Well, it will not be picked up by the radars operated by (suspiciously) any of the countries. Basically its a stealth mode of entering and spying any country. This flies at a height of 50,000 ft. Once the target is (well actually half) confirmed to be living in the spying area, it took about completing the mission of 'Killing Osama bin Laden'. Fair enough, especially when considering the loss incurred by losing twin towers, not just the wealth but more importantly innocent lives. Now comes the second part of unethical behavior. US loads its 2 custom made helicopters (which is akin to the spying vehicle I mentioned above that it will not be picked up by the radars) with its esteemed SEAL team to kill Osama Bin Laden. The mission is completed successfully. However, one of those helicopters had crashed and hence is unable to make its way back to US of A. Hence they detonate it so that no country will be able to decipher the components of this aircraft.

The fact that US of A had been involved in an unethical behavior of intruding in another country's airspace (with out their permission) and no country had raised their voice against it, beats me. While there had been many conspiracy theories on the very 9/11 attack itself, how can this act be left unquestioned? The poor developing country (the victim country) could not do anything because of political reasons, nor could any of the neighboring countries raise a voice. And the fellow developed countries and the UN is all just awe-struck on the bravery of the mission. How can any country be spared for doing this?

Is it all fine if the performing country feels that it is justified in doing such an act? Hypothetically, what would be US's reaction if India sends such an undercover troop to lift (or kill) Warren Anderson whom they are protecting from extradition? India is justified and has all documentary evidences to prove that he was behind the sufferings of atleast 20,000 dead and 40000 still alive victims of the Bopal Gas leak! (20000 lives is lesser than 2700+ killed in 9/11?) If India takes that mission will US and other developed countries and the UN be silent spectators? So, is any country allowed to do that as long as they can prove to the world that the intended person or his acts had caused loss of life or lives? While, India is still requesting US to interrogate David Coleman Headley, Pakistan to jail Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Is it fine if we too follow US's way? Will the world accept?

Isn't this invasion of another county's space a kind of war? Just because we being a developing country (well there again I have my doubts. Have any of you in your life time heard or seen a country upgrading from a developing country status to a developed country status? its political again) we have to give way for all acts of the developed countries? Do they convey a message that they have superior technology? Definitely not. I can vouch that my (any) country can produce a similar device which can get unnoticed (even by God), but it is the ethics that bind them all. US of A, by breaking that ethic is passing a wrong message to the world. While my country which is honoring human rights is still considering the Rajiv Gandhi's assassins mercy plea, US is going about killing people (one of the women in the house was shot as well). I think Osama should have been punished legally and not unethically. The biggest joke of this documentary is US of A is being proud to say that they performed the death ceremony as per Muslim rituals. Who cares?

So next time when you spot something in the airspace, don't even think that it is an UFO from another planet, it could as well be an UFO (US Flying Object) from your neighbouring country spying you.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Digression is Transgression

It was 13th July when there happened yet another Mumbai bombing. This was when the 2G Scam drilling was at its peak (really!!) and hazar Hazare's were evolving. I was telling Arpita that there is all chances that this could as well be a political set up to shake the  public attention on the on-going 2G Scam, if it is not, then there is certainly something bigger coming up to suppress the 2G Scam. Now with all the BASELESS (in exact terms 'mindless') chants about 'I am Anna' I can't stop thinking that this is indeed the bigger DIGRESSER.

There is this wonderful saying "past is past". Well, we are too good in taking it to our heart (and mind). We have forgotten everything right from Kasab to Warren Anderson to Kalmadi and now started off with 'Anna Hazare'. Who actually turns the table every time? It’s the media, a bunch of sporadic wannabe patriotic mushrooms and all the citizens of India (why? because we all are lending to it). Whoever called it a "channel", infact they are channelizing the people (mind) and it’s not the other way round.

Why do I say that the 'Anna Hazare' could be a staged one? cos we have lost track of the other on-going matters/issues. Who knows there could be 10 more people sailing in to the country while the coast guards are starving (in support of Hazare) or perhaps watching the news channels about the DEVELOPMENTS between Anna and the Government. If you did not notice, the 2G spectrum has switched on it indicator already, it is turning to the wrong direction with a wrong indicator (Anna Hazare).  Mr. Raja, Ms. Kanimozhi are now counter arguing that 'there is no scam or fraud or forgery or whatever' if we prove that the Government is not at loss. Who will they prove this with? The Prime Sinister, the then Finance Sinister, the now Telecom Sinister (oops read as Minister). Wah! what a game!! A bribe is not often a loss to one of the parties. Consider this example, I need my passport processing to be quickened (I am not using Thatkal cos I can't spend for a day's returns) so I bribe the local police personnel to quicken the verification process. I regard (carefully chosen word) the police personnel with Rs 200 and my job is done. Now let’s do the calculation. The Government is not losing anything cos they are still getting the passport application fee. The Police are not at loss (obviously) and I am saving my Thatal money. So can I claim that there is nothing illegal here? This is exactly what is happening at the 2G case now. Who cares about the possible money that they Government would have made had this short cuts were unavailable and Thatkal is the only way.

We are still not in our high school (at least not the entire nation) to just think that the Government is not at loss. The Government has LOST a GAIN. Coming back to the 2G game, First of all, the aforesaid honourable Gentlemen decided that the Government will not auction 2G instead it will allocate licenses to the ELIGIBLE (for what???) operators. And hence they did it. So where is the corruption? Where is the loss to the Government? Now let’s dig deeper, one of the vendor [Malaysian based Maxis] was ALLOCATED licenses even before receiving the payment for it. How and Why? Because the company pledged to pay (in business terms invest) Rs 6,00,00,00,000 (shows the magnitude. That is 600 Cr. Rupees) in to their own business. What were the deals? 1. The licenses will be issued (free will) 2. They will buy a mobile company (may be at a throw away price) who originally did not budge to invest nor was allocated any license. Had this not happened and if the 2G licenses were auctioned may be the Malaysian company would have invested Rs 6,00,00,00,000 (even a percentage of it is Rs 6,00,00,000) to the Government and possibly provided a competitive infrastructure too.

We can’t afford to forget the past anymore. All the wrong doings are dwelling based on this featured character of ours. May be that’s whey they rightly coined us as a country with 'Unity in Diversity'. We can be fooled as a one single unit.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Anna Hazare could make it Hazardous

Well, I support the movement, the cause and definitely this is good... but I am not very specific about Lokpal or Lokyukta.. maybe we (as a citizen seeing the nation going down on corruption) are emotional and desperate for something to happen than correcting/rectifying whatever is.. my reasons being
We are only creating an ancillary solution, a new system, the control of the nation (I am just looking at a larger picture) is going to lie with 2 parallel systems. In Software terms if the software is buggy we fix it and redeliver it and not recreate everything. OK, I can sense that some of you say that there are migrations from legacy systems to open systems and newer technologies, but in the migration the older system will be scrapped. Do we have that?
The Tug-of-war in future would be not just be the ruling party.. but then about becoming a member of the Lokpal. I do think that people (as a major part politicians and to a minor part we citizens) become corrupt, only when they are in the system. It is not true that corrupt people are politicians, but it is true that the politicians are all corrupt. So the first blame would be on the system to not to publish the profile of the candidate who are competing in the elections and levying stricter eligibility criteria, and the second and most important would be on we citizens who vote for the corrupt (cos for us the option we think is if not Congress then BJP.. it is just a swinging pendulum and not a rotary movement) having known about their history (by ourselves or through social/public media).
Having said that, how can we ensure that the Lokpal will be corruption free? I am not demeaning any of the good hearts that is working towards it, but what after them? if Lokpal says even a Lokpal member would come under the bill then it is just like our current scenario where Lokpal claims that the judges are never brought under the purview because it needs the permission of the chief justice to start any proceeding against his fellow judges
I see the Lokpal as an aftermath and not a way to stop corruption. Come on, Lokpal says any corruption charge should be scrutinized and completed within 2 years... and what happens if 2 years is passed without proving it? Does it extend to 2 more years? Aren’t the smart (A*S) already smart enough to delay things? Can’t they do that again? Or does the case die there after?
To me it is yet another top to bottom approach. The prudent way would be to go a bottom-top approach where we make every people responsible for the corruption that has happened. Start with the grass root level (like traffic polices and Govt. hospital wardens) make them not to seek money.. and if they are clean and confident that nothing can happen to them.. they can even question their officers [this may be ambitious]. Why are we riding in the same school of thought? Simple thing is the fine for the traffic violation. We say if there is a violation then you will be fined 500/1500Rs.. so what really happens? the traffic police says.. gimme 100 you don’t have to pay 500 at the office.. we are smart too.. we are making a 400 (opportunity gain). Who is at loss ultimately? ‘The Government’. I say make the fine Rs50. at least the Govt. would gain something rather than nothing. We are not violating the rules because it is lesser money to pay, but because we are not made responsible for it. To me it starts at that level. It all starts at that level. Again don’t chant the slogan of rich get richer and poor get poorer. We do not get poorer because we pay more fine and bribe less.
All I want to say is make the system robust and transparent if it is not rectify it, modify it do not add a parallel system.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Dumb A(ss)d

Partha: Hey did you check this ad? Kanthilal?
Arpita: Nope, whats so special about it?
Partha: Let me keep it short! There is this Grandpa who tells his grandson that is the place, his then girlfriend (now wfie, spicing things up ooooohhhh!!!)  was kissed unauthorised (Naaaahiiiiiiiiiii) by Kanthilal. All his efforts to take a revenge on Kanthilal has gone waste. He could never find Kanthilal (Jolted!!).  The grandson vows to find out kanthilal.. gets the Vir Tilak from the Pithamah (read as Bhesshma) and is on a mission. He then searches (Animated) on Facebook for Kanthilal and with some help from other valiant warriors (like Nakhul and Sahadev) finds out kanthilal. What happens after he finds out kanthilal is the actual story.. [OK, this is not a box office opening for a movie and I am not reviewing it, the rest of it is irrelevant for this discussion.... well.. not until later part]
Arpita: Well, I cant imagine Facebook can get in to such cheap publicity!!
Partha: aah thats the catch, it infact is an ad by Airtel.. but for Facebook..
Arpita: Why would Airtel do an advert for Facebook? Get to the point silly, dont go around fooling around in the name of being 'humorous'
Partha: OK.. this is an ad by Airtel (I dunno who approved this) to publicise that they have a great 3G connectivity (not sure about their connectivity on the 2G sc..a...m ooouch..!! dont nudge me!!). What amuzes me is, how can they take on Facebook to publicize their data connectivity?
Arpita: Come on, dont make it complicated. It is as simple as this, "Doctors log on to facebook to see if his patient is still alive" (like, comment??!!). Hence the ad about data connectivity and high availability.
Partha: Agreed, with you around I am not going to argue about FB's influence. But here I am talking about a negative publicity. While Facebook is being accused of exposing all the personal 'details' and statuses, this could be their chance to make something out of its negatives.
Arpita: hmm interesting!!
Partha: Yeah, imagine I dump you (ok ok or you dump me) and we find out eachother (using FB) ?? How bad can that be (now you know why I am not up to date of FB!!!). While there are emails spreading out saying 'Anti-social elements' utilize facebook to identify if people are out on a vacation and take advantage of it... how can Airtel, air and tell such a message?
Arpita: You dumping me!! never before me!! ok, your point is valid. There has to be some 'discipline' in the ads. First thing quality of ads, Gosh can't stand some of the stupidest ad (HeroHonda dhuk dhuk go!). We had seen competitors being slashed in ads(pepsi/coke), but this is totally unacceptable.
Partha: Absolutely, looking at this I would rate the Maruti Wagon R (Ten lakh 25, starring a lousie hopper and a 'Why me' dog) ad super good.
Arpita: OMG!!. However, just being curious what was the climax of the ad?
Partha: OOh well... They find kanthilal (thanks Facebook!!).. The Grandpa says, '' kisses his wife.. and runs away!! I can sense your question. "Is that a revenge at all?" I mean I am sure Kanthilal would not mind such a revenge after (all) 45 years... infact neither would Kanthilal's wife..
Arpita: Stop it I Say!
Partha: you wanna check the ad, watch cricket match..and this annoying ad is aired in between the annoying performance of India (First 2 tests, India Vs England 2011)
Arpita: ok, here I go.. here opens my Internet Explorer..
Partha: Internet Explorer!!! read this... Internet Explorer users are dumb!!??

Friday, 8 July 2011

Argument on "The British phone tapping case and the subsequent shun of News of the World"

Partha: Hey did you hear to this shocker? This news agency had been tapping all the phone calls since .. many years.. now that the Met is also under threat... supposedly many high officials have sold sensitive information..
Preethi: ooh really!! are we talking about a developed country? a western province? The British!!
Partha: No wonder so many questions. Yeah seriously, this is a perenial problem isn't it? So many high profile personnel giving away information for pounds.. now that I feel the local bribes of (100 and 500 rupees) in India is legal.
Preethi: Now come on.. lets not get in to the Hindustan part of it. A crime is a crime no matter how much money involved and whatever be the sensitivity of the information leaked.
Partha: Just for the records, British say, these corrupt police officers (if proved) could be charged with 6 years imprisonment. But there are some petty cases before where the guilty officer was given a 12 months imprisonment. So it also depends on the publicity of the crime? Anyways coming back, no one would have thought that such a thing could have happened isn't it? its a shame isn't it? I am not surprised at all from your reaction.
Preethi: I think you got it all wrong. My shock was because, there was an (news) agency, who could tap phone calls and emails of various people which is totally unacceptable. What is the price that one could pay to enter in to some one else's private life? This is ridiculous and be punished with more than the 6 years of imprisonment.
Partha: Really!! what about the officers who were at fault? Dont you think, this will put all those (crooked) minds in tremour from commiting any such crime in future? Dont you think it will give way to a corruption free environment? Dont you want it to be so?
Preethi: Ofcourse, but not by letting anyone (and everyone) to get in to others private space. It is against law to itercept mobile phone voicemail. From a defending point of view "It is illegal to gain access to another person's phone under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.  There are also offenses under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. The UK's security services can apply for warrants to hack phones@ [ref: Evening standards: 07/07/11].
Partha: So you are unmoved by the allegation and only worried about the hacking? I feel the Govt. is just trying to shift focus by blaming the hackers. What about the integrity of the Govt.? Who will have a check on the personnel?
Preethi: I agree that allegation is valid and should be strictly condemned. At the same time, the Govt. should also ensure that no such hacking would be done in future. Prosecute the hackers accordingly. If you think about it, even at an official level there are matters that of concern to higher caders. A secrecy or a controlled information is inevitable in all aspects of the society, be it personal or official. What about you and me? can't we have a personal conversation over phone? what is personal in this world then? With all the long distance relationships, numerous travels, telephone and emails have become an inherent part of everyone's personal life. Any hacking (be it sensitive or otherwise) should be strictly banned.
Partha: Then how can we ensure that there is no such officers at fault?
Preethi: That is a real good question and the answer (I cant think about many options now) could be that you should make the system transparent. By transparent I dont say that everyone should know everything, but everyone should be made aware of what information one would hold. There by, if there is a leak in the information it can be tracked down to individuals (or a narrow group) easily.
Partha: May be, I am not sure if that is the only solution.. but considering your disclaimer I take it. Meanwhile, just thought will mention this, Yahoo today has announced that they are going to snoop in to everyone's email.. (no no.. dont give me the same cliche expression). This is to attract better advertisement opportunities, a trade Gmail had mastered. Can this be with out oppositions? Nope. For many who were holding sensitive information on yahoo and give away google for junk, here is a turn around. Resort back to paper diaries I say!!. Anyways, you can disable this feature of yahoo by visiting