Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Why Men Don't Ask for Directions?

Women would say: Twenty five million sperm is needed to fertilize an egg, cos only one would stop to ask for directions

Clearly I feel men have lost directions. They are caught in between a rock and a wall(hard place). Now don't ask me which of these is the women. If you are thinking that either the rock or the wall is the women then you are still dwindling in your innocence. Think different, think about the root cause, think a woman, the real women is the one who pushed you in to this situation or the one who pushed the rock when you were perhaps.. doing something against the wall. Women on the other hand had quadrupled their expectations (while the 50% of the blame is on men and the other 50% on women). Most importantly the expectations with in womanhood have grown to such an extent that expecting not to expect and expect to be expected are causing the real trouble.

As I said, part of the blame is on men because there was a time when they lashed women out for no reasons, those stupid men had clearly put the later generations in a big soup. Women on the other hand passed on their lessons to their next generations and they are nothing less than a big confusion. Now men do not know if he should think upfront for the women (because if you do so you will be ridiculed as one who does not let women experience things on her own) or leave it to the women to do it herself (because that would mean men don't care about the well being of women and blah and blah). Women who have become rebellious (for no reasons) are confused if they should take it on their own (and blame themselves) or leave it to the other (and ridicule). Now that men had come to respect women hood and praise them (atleast 50% of them), women are still on the other side thinking that men are still playing their NATAK to win women (all 100%).

Also what baffles me the most is, imagine, in a country like India, women have deterred in all possible areas and they sure have their tails up. But at the same time allow stupid political parties to gain advantage because they ensured women got 1/3rd majority, women president, reservation for women, saree for women, thaali for women. Now if you are succeeding on your own, why allow others to take pride out of it? why allow others to create a reason for your success? To me if these are left 'to the normal course time' it would have happened by itself. Now by enjoying these reservations and at the same time being rebellious you are degrading yourselves.

Yeah men do not ask directions, women do, but of no use cos, you knew your way and believe in it.


Maya Rishi said...

looks like a perfect analysis on women! though I don't understand when men don't ask for directions ;)

Partha n Preethi said...

@Maya Rishi - Thats simple, he surrenders to the non-living sign boards, navigators than letting in further confusion by asking. His fellow men are confused as well and his opposite!! well the blog speaks for itself! :-).