Friday, 5 August 2011

Dumb A(ss)d

Partha: Hey did you check this ad? Kanthilal?
Arpita: Nope, whats so special about it?
Partha: Let me keep it short! There is this Grandpa who tells his grandson that is the place, his then girlfriend (now wfie, spicing things up ooooohhhh!!!)  was kissed unauthorised (Naaaahiiiiiiiiiii) by Kanthilal. All his efforts to take a revenge on Kanthilal has gone waste. He could never find Kanthilal (Jolted!!).  The grandson vows to find out kanthilal.. gets the Vir Tilak from the Pithamah (read as Bhesshma) and is on a mission. He then searches (Animated) on Facebook for Kanthilal and with some help from other valiant warriors (like Nakhul and Sahadev) finds out kanthilal. What happens after he finds out kanthilal is the actual story.. [OK, this is not a box office opening for a movie and I am not reviewing it, the rest of it is irrelevant for this discussion.... well.. not until later part]
Arpita: Well, I cant imagine Facebook can get in to such cheap publicity!!
Partha: aah thats the catch, it infact is an ad by Airtel.. but for Facebook..
Arpita: Why would Airtel do an advert for Facebook? Get to the point silly, dont go around fooling around in the name of being 'humorous'
Partha: OK.. this is an ad by Airtel (I dunno who approved this) to publicise that they have a great 3G connectivity (not sure about their connectivity on the 2G sc..a...m ooouch..!! dont nudge me!!). What amuzes me is, how can they take on Facebook to publicize their data connectivity?
Arpita: Come on, dont make it complicated. It is as simple as this, "Doctors log on to facebook to see if his patient is still alive" (like, comment??!!). Hence the ad about data connectivity and high availability.
Partha: Agreed, with you around I am not going to argue about FB's influence. But here I am talking about a negative publicity. While Facebook is being accused of exposing all the personal 'details' and statuses, this could be their chance to make something out of its negatives.
Arpita: hmm interesting!!
Partha: Yeah, imagine I dump you (ok ok or you dump me) and we find out eachother (using FB) ?? How bad can that be (now you know why I am not up to date of FB!!!). While there are emails spreading out saying 'Anti-social elements' utilize facebook to identify if people are out on a vacation and take advantage of it... how can Airtel, air and tell such a message?
Arpita: You dumping me!! never before me!! ok, your point is valid. There has to be some 'discipline' in the ads. First thing quality of ads, Gosh can't stand some of the stupidest ad (HeroHonda dhuk dhuk go!). We had seen competitors being slashed in ads(pepsi/coke), but this is totally unacceptable.
Partha: Absolutely, looking at this I would rate the Maruti Wagon R (Ten lakh 25, starring a lousie hopper and a 'Why me' dog) ad super good.
Arpita: OMG!!. However, just being curious what was the climax of the ad?
Partha: OOh well... They find kanthilal (thanks Facebook!!).. The Grandpa says, '' kisses his wife.. and runs away!! I can sense your question. "Is that a revenge at all?" I mean I am sure Kanthilal would not mind such a revenge after (all) 45 years... infact neither would Kanthilal's wife..
Arpita: Stop it I Say!
Partha: you wanna check the ad, watch cricket match..and this annoying ad is aired in between the annoying performance of India (First 2 tests, India Vs England 2011)
Arpita: ok, here I go.. here opens my Internet Explorer..
Partha: Internet Explorer!!! read this... Internet Explorer users are dumb!!??

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curious to know what you spoke on the new Lynx 2012 ad?? lol