Friday, 19 August 2011

Anna Hazare could make it Hazardous

Well, I support the movement, the cause and definitely this is good... but I am not very specific about Lokpal or Lokyukta.. maybe we (as a citizen seeing the nation going down on corruption) are emotional and desperate for something to happen than correcting/rectifying whatever is.. my reasons being
We are only creating an ancillary solution, a new system, the control of the nation (I am just looking at a larger picture) is going to lie with 2 parallel systems. In Software terms if the software is buggy we fix it and redeliver it and not recreate everything. OK, I can sense that some of you say that there are migrations from legacy systems to open systems and newer technologies, but in the migration the older system will be scrapped. Do we have that?
The Tug-of-war in future would be not just be the ruling party.. but then about becoming a member of the Lokpal. I do think that people (as a major part politicians and to a minor part we citizens) become corrupt, only when they are in the system. It is not true that corrupt people are politicians, but it is true that the politicians are all corrupt. So the first blame would be on the system to not to publish the profile of the candidate who are competing in the elections and levying stricter eligibility criteria, and the second and most important would be on we citizens who vote for the corrupt (cos for us the option we think is if not Congress then BJP.. it is just a swinging pendulum and not a rotary movement) having known about their history (by ourselves or through social/public media).
Having said that, how can we ensure that the Lokpal will be corruption free? I am not demeaning any of the good hearts that is working towards it, but what after them? if Lokpal says even a Lokpal member would come under the bill then it is just like our current scenario where Lokpal claims that the judges are never brought under the purview because it needs the permission of the chief justice to start any proceeding against his fellow judges
I see the Lokpal as an aftermath and not a way to stop corruption. Come on, Lokpal says any corruption charge should be scrutinized and completed within 2 years... and what happens if 2 years is passed without proving it? Does it extend to 2 more years? Aren’t the smart (A*S) already smart enough to delay things? Can’t they do that again? Or does the case die there after?
To me it is yet another top to bottom approach. The prudent way would be to go a bottom-top approach where we make every people responsible for the corruption that has happened. Start with the grass root level (like traffic polices and Govt. hospital wardens) make them not to seek money.. and if they are clean and confident that nothing can happen to them.. they can even question their officers [this may be ambitious]. Why are we riding in the same school of thought? Simple thing is the fine for the traffic violation. We say if there is a violation then you will be fined 500/1500Rs.. so what really happens? the traffic police says.. gimme 100 you don’t have to pay 500 at the office.. we are smart too.. we are making a 400 (opportunity gain). Who is at loss ultimately? ‘The Government’. I say make the fine Rs50. at least the Govt. would gain something rather than nothing. We are not violating the rules because it is lesser money to pay, but because we are not made responsible for it. To me it starts at that level. It all starts at that level. Again don’t chant the slogan of rich get richer and poor get poorer. We do not get poorer because we pay more fine and bribe less.
All I want to say is make the system robust and transparent if it is not rectify it, modify it do not add a parallel system.

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