Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Osama's killing- a Pride or Prejudice??

In the wake of 9/11(2011), US of A had released the documentary video of their pursuits and the success story in the killing of Osama bin Laden. While many of my friends felt that US had been really intelligent in their operations, been ridiculously determined, risking SEAL lives for killing the terror king, to me US of A had been thoroughly unprofessional, unethical and is just an emerging dictator but for its economic crisis.

In case you have not watched the video yet, US had been spying its suspicious country's airspace using a custom made air plane vehicle (unmanned) and this vehicle was responsible for sending footage and images it would hover around. What is so special about this instrument? Well, it will not be picked up by the radars operated by (suspiciously) any of the countries. Basically its a stealth mode of entering and spying any country. This flies at a height of 50,000 ft. Once the target is (well actually half) confirmed to be living in the spying area, it took about completing the mission of 'Killing Osama bin Laden'. Fair enough, especially when considering the loss incurred by losing twin towers, not just the wealth but more importantly innocent lives. Now comes the second part of unethical behavior. US loads its 2 custom made helicopters (which is akin to the spying vehicle I mentioned above that it will not be picked up by the radars) with its esteemed SEAL team to kill Osama Bin Laden. The mission is completed successfully. However, one of those helicopters had crashed and hence is unable to make its way back to US of A. Hence they detonate it so that no country will be able to decipher the components of this aircraft.

The fact that US of A had been involved in an unethical behavior of intruding in another country's airspace (with out their permission) and no country had raised their voice against it, beats me. While there had been many conspiracy theories on the very 9/11 attack itself, how can this act be left unquestioned? The poor developing country (the victim country) could not do anything because of political reasons, nor could any of the neighboring countries raise a voice. And the fellow developed countries and the UN is all just awe-struck on the bravery of the mission. How can any country be spared for doing this?

Is it all fine if the performing country feels that it is justified in doing such an act? Hypothetically, what would be US's reaction if India sends such an undercover troop to lift (or kill) Warren Anderson whom they are protecting from extradition? India is justified and has all documentary evidences to prove that he was behind the sufferings of atleast 20,000 dead and 40000 still alive victims of the Bopal Gas leak! (20000 lives is lesser than 2700+ killed in 9/11?) If India takes that mission will US and other developed countries and the UN be silent spectators? So, is any country allowed to do that as long as they can prove to the world that the intended person or his acts had caused loss of life or lives? While, India is still requesting US to interrogate David Coleman Headley, Pakistan to jail Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. Is it fine if we too follow US's way? Will the world accept?

Isn't this invasion of another county's space a kind of war? Just because we being a developing country (well there again I have my doubts. Have any of you in your life time heard or seen a country upgrading from a developing country status to a developed country status? its political again) we have to give way for all acts of the developed countries? Do they convey a message that they have superior technology? Definitely not. I can vouch that my (any) country can produce a similar device which can get unnoticed (even by God), but it is the ethics that bind them all. US of A, by breaking that ethic is passing a wrong message to the world. While my country which is honoring human rights is still considering the Rajiv Gandhi's assassins mercy plea, US is going about killing people (one of the women in the house was shot as well). I think Osama should have been punished legally and not unethically. The biggest joke of this documentary is US of A is being proud to say that they performed the death ceremony as per Muslim rituals. Who cares?

So next time when you spot something in the airspace, don't even think that it is an UFO from another planet, it could as well be an UFO (US Flying Object) from your neighbouring country spying you.

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