Monday, 12 March 2012

Is this the 'Western' Arranged Marriage?

For ages, the western world and including those with in the same territory (precisely Indians) who had resorted to love marraige, had taken more liberty to ridicule arranged marriage.

Well, I am not going to talk about which one is the best, I do know that it is all case based, some arranged marriages are unsuccessfull and some love marriages are successful as well. But what I am trying to find out the is what the west is drifting to a psuedo 'arranged marriage' style, only more technical and reasonable.

A week ago, the British Govt. sanctioned that any individual with reasonable purpose (marriage??) can get the history (character certificate :P) of another individual.

Click to see BBC Report

The MET office is allowed to share information relating to any domestic violence that the party in enquiry is involved. I am not sure if the if the outcome of the enquiry is a 'Yes' or 'No' or would it detail something else too, however you do have a way of life where you can get a character verification of a person you wish to marry/partner. Fair and I do support this change. Infact, a report says that there were 91 cases of women and 26 cases of men being murdered of domestic violence. If the information can save some ones life, why not? In simple terms, prevention is better than cure.

To me it sounds a bit like 'arraged' marriage. Though not completely. The term 'arranged' still sounds apt for these cases isn't it?

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