Monday, 16 January 2012

AP Police chief, Fashionalble clothes, Slutwalk, this, that

Would the AP police chief have thought that he would become so popular? Nay... yet he is!! Unfortunately for wrong reasons.. yet again in India.

Before actually gettin in to what the AP chief spoke of, lets pan our browsers to another event that has travelled from west to East. The SlutWalk. I am very sorry to say that my country women have lost directions. You have become more emotional than tactical. Believe it or not my Jaan, you are being easily tricked, fooled and utilized of. Have you ever thought why a valentine’s day, mother's day, women's day etc., pick up so much on greeting card, gift sales? How long have these been in practise? I don’t think I need a special day to celebrate by mom or any mom would need a day to celebrate her motherhood. It is injected by someone who is making good benefits out of it and women just carry it forward not the moms. OK, so if you wish to celebrate mom's day and exchange gifts and cards, have you ever considered doing the same on children’s day? Does any mother/father really care to gift, exchange cards for children’s day? wake up and kick the smoke my dear ladies.

The idea of slut walk is to convey that modern outfits don't invite men to misbehave. And the ultimate goal is to reduce the violence, sexual harassment, rape, misbehaviour over women. How on earth would this walk deliver the message? Take it for granted 'Men do not get any message out of this'. Having got the media coverage, the sensation, the public ears you should perhaps use this to terrorise those men who resort to rubbish behaviour. Delivering some message that you will wear whatever you want is not worth it. Apparently, people who curtail your freedom to wear is within your house and home or with in your reach and not the general public not the people on Delhi high streets. Use this visibility to dictate strong terms to the Men who take women for a ride. For less important things you are perhaps better off to ask Anna Hazare to dedicate one of his fasting days.

Now to the AP Chief,

Ladies ladies ladies, have you lost the power to respond. You are only reacting. Can you tell me what wrong did the AP Chief cop say? Did he say, you should not wear modern outfit? I am interested in listening to the entire speech than to this infamous 1:21 minute video that even would publish to gain site visits. I am not ready to raise my flag for a half-baked video clipping. Coming to what he said, he says men are provoked because of the modern outfit. Why can't you believe it? It is bitter but it is TRUE. Telling a cat 1000 times that you are a tiger family will not stop it from drinking milk. The question is, does modern outfits provoke? simple answer is yes. The number of rape victims who were 'fashionable' is irrelevant. A provocation may not end on the person who caused the provocation. The vent would be on a more vulnerable woman who may not be modern. So your numbers of moderns woman don’t face the music is absurd.
To me, the Chief says, since there is this modernized outlook, men who had once been Jane’ less Tarzans have started to act like Brad Pitts. Given our public services system, expecting the cops to be around all the time and at all places is impossible. THE SPEECH ENDS THERE. He does not go on to say that women should not wear modern outfit. Perhaps the next set of words would or should have been, PLEASE BE READY WITH YOUR SELF DEFENSES, TRY TO DEFEND ATLEAST TILL THE TIME COPS OR SOME ONE REACHES OUT TO HELP YOU (IF AT ALL).

"Why would you want to be DRAUPATI expecting Krishna to give you the cover!!"


Ti's Snippets said...

Found it lazy to reply to the mail thread, will do it here instead.
I am not disagreeing to what the AP police chief has said. All i am trying to say is that a rapist is not going to see whether the woman is wearing a traditional or a modern wear. None of this matters to him. We have to make sure that we implement the so called laws and policies that we have. Punish the person immediately and not wait for a good muhurat to do that.
And for people who feel that women have all the right to wear what ever they want, this is my opinion in return. We can wear anything we want, but please lets use our discretion and act wisely. In a country like India where people still have not been exposed to the modern world, to some extent we need to stay within limits. Let us not compare India and the foreign countries. The situation is very different. We need to definitely act safe, if we want to be safe. We cannot argue here about the rights of the women. We then will have to face the consequences. Important we act appropriately. We definitely cannot change the attitude or the mind of a person immediately. Everything will take its own time. So lets wait for that.
And about the AP police chief's comment... Though even i have not seen the entire video, it would have been better to add a few more things. May be he was trying to ask the women of India to be able to take care of themselves, instead of depending on our system ;). But it would have been so much better if he had really taken an extraordinary step for the safety of women and then gave a piece of his to the women (to ask them to dress appropriately). I dont think our country implements any of the laws properly. If we had, the crime rates would not be so high. We take everything for granted and we know for sure that we can get away with anything.
To end it, I will not disagree with the modern dressing, but i would still stick on to saying that the vulnerability encourages the person to take a chance.

It was a great post :) :)

Ti's Snippets said...

This is Shruti :)

Partha n Preethi said...

Thanks Shruti for dropping by.
I agree with what you said, however, instead of waiting, push for things which will bring a radical change. Example: Public Service. Might as well be that the AP Chief is caught in the 'bureaucracy' of things that he had to make some diplomatic statements. Once we do that, we can do (wear) what we want.