Friday, 14 June 2013

Caught at the wrong end

What exactly triggered me writing a post after a long time? An interview that I did for a techinical position for my current company.

Though I am only going to question and not answer, I was nervous with this particular interview. The uniqueness about this interview was that I had to evaluate a person who is hearing as well as speech impaired. Then my HR told me that there is a translator (an interpreter) alongside the gentleman appearing for interview and he will communicate back and forth. It was an added spice and a bit different (caution not using the word:awkward) because here is a person I need to have eye contact with, but he is not the immediate person who would respond to my questions.

I am not going to write about the candidate and the challanges he faces day in and day out (it is as explicit as Sachin's retirement due), my thoughts are about the world that interacts with him. To begin with, I had difficulties following the answers. The interpreter was too good (I assume he is non-technical) that it sounded like he knew the answers himself, but for me, I had to look at someone while I should hear from someone else. The thing that was running in my mind is that, by not having an eye contact with the interpreter (as well) am I disrespecting him? I had difficulaties following, but after the first 10 minutes I got used to it. I think because it was a one on one (one on two actually) I could start following after the first 10 minutes, but when in a group?

What about the challanges at the workplace? Should the employer provide a full time interpreter? should the employer provide only facilities for a full time interpreter? How should the co-worker get along? quite often the problem is being overly protective or overly sympathetic/empathetic than rude/in-human qualities. How should the Government work on protecting both sides of the coin, maintaining human values at the same time encourage business. I am not trying to demoralize/discriminate any one here. But just trying to flip the coin and see.

This raises one imporant question, why is God mercieless on us (all)? Why should there be an imbalance? I know there can't be a definite answer but to my the most closest one is that, it gives life a learning experience. Personally for me, the perseverence and determination of the gentleman, the effor and patience of the interpreter stand out. I know one thing for sure, I should develop, in abundance, PATIENCE (sorry everyone who is troubled by my impatience). In the end, this is yet another opportunity that is given to me to realize my disability and learn to overcome it. True, I was looking at the wrong side of the coin.

God, Tussi great ho!, but this isn't funny :-(.

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